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The Poole Team
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Home Buying for Those Relocating to the Area

Good Afternoon Blog Readers!

I wanted to take a moment and say “Happy Sunday!” If you are like me, then you have been waiting for this day since last week. Well, it is finally here!

Not to toot the horn of Tampa Bay too much, but it really is great to live here and I have had several clients relocating here on a permanent or semi-permanant basis because of it. Since these clients often do not have a good idea of the area before the relocation, I wanted to share some tips that I have learned and have helped my buyers.

1) Do You Have Kids or Plan On Having Them? If you answered yes to this question, then you probably want them to go to a decent school. I recommend this website for assistance with that search: By determining which school(s) you like for your children, then that can help you determine the neighborhood that you want to live in.

2) Where Will You Work? If you hate commuting as much as I do, then you may want to be as close to work as possible. If you don’t mind a longer commute, then maybe you would be happiest in the ‘burbs.

3) What Do You Do In Your Free Time? If you are an avid sailboarder, then you may want to look into waterfront properties or properties as close to that as possible within your price range. If you value being in a walking friendly neighborhood, then perhaps finding a home next to a busy highway is not for you.

4) Does Size Matter? If you would like a more spacious home at an affordable price, then perhaps leaving the city center to get that is a better choice for you. Do you have a minimum square footage or number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you must have?

5) Have You Been to the Area Before? If you have, what did you like about where you visited the most and least? Could you see yourself living there?

6) Do You Want a Brand-New Home, Move-In Ready or a Fixer-Upper? If you want a Brand-New Home, then I know the home builders working in town. If you want move-in ready, then I know all the newest neighborhoods. If you want a fixer upper, I know the area and can put you in touch with vendors that can get you the quotes you need.

7) Have you Been Pre-Approved for Financing or Need a Contact Here? I work with several loan officers that provide excellent service, following your loan from start to finish.

My preferred method of communication with buyers new to the area is by a buyer consultation in the office; however, I often spend my time having the consultation by phone because when the buyer flies in, then we start our search!

Due to a limited time in the area, that is why it is so important to figure out these questions before arrival so I (agent) can try and find you 10 homes or less that could be your future home while still allowing you time to vacation on our beautiful sandy beaches with a pina colada in hand!

Happy Hunting!

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