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The Poole Team
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Keeping your Home Buyers Happy until Closing!

Dear Home Buyers,


I recently had to deal with a closing that never seemed to end. The closing date kept getting pushed back, week after week, to no fault of my Buyers. You can imagine their frustration after the closing was pushed back a third time, and my sadness when they considered leaving the entire transaction completely. Fortunately, we closed on the Home last week and they are happily settled in.

The stress of this Closing made me thing of some tips for future home buyers as they may come across the same situation:

  • Plan for the Worst and Expect the Unexpected
    • If you are renting and your lease is expiring close to your closing date, have a back-up plan in mind in case closing is delayed. Most Sellers don’t allow Buyers to occupy the property prior to closing (using a pre-closing occupancy addendum) due to liability so ask your friends if you can crash on their couch for a few days during transition.
  • Avoid Scheduling Delivery of Appliances and Switching Utilities Over until following Closing
    • If you do, then you may need to expend extra effort in rescheduling the visit multiple times
  • Be Patient
    • As much as we try to plan every step of our lives, including buying a home, some times things don’t go according to plan.

I love my job and am so happy to help make others happy in their home purchase. Let me know if you want me to help you with yours!


PS. See the Happy Buyers Below!


Happy Sunday!



The Closing that never ended... Except it did!

The Closing that never ended… Except it did!


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