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The Poole Team
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Keeping your Home Buyers Happy until Closing!

Dear Home Buyers,   I recently had to deal with a closing that never seemed to end. The closing date kept getting pushed back, week after week, to no fault of my Buyers. You can imagine their frustration after the closing was pushed back a third time, and my sadness when they considered leaving the […]

Tax Incentives for Home Owners

Learn how to put a song on itunes at   Dear Home Owners, As a (former) accountant by trade, I love saving money both in my professional and personal lives. A client of mine today was inquiring about tax savings on various home improvements, and I didn’t have all the answers for him so […]

REALTOR versus Real Estate Agent

  Recently, a co-worker and friend, Mayling, and I attended the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR) Orientation where we were greeted with smiling faces from active board members, instructors, other newly activated real estate agents as well as affiliated professionals specializing in title insurance, home warranty and home insurance. Once we were fed and […]