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The Poole Team
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Relocating to Florida

Recently, I have been showing homes to many out-of-state buyers, both traditional buyers and investors. I love my sunny State and showing people the Tampa Bay area. I think that is part of being passionate about what you do. Because of my love of the Bay area, I thought it helpful to compile a list […]

Keeping your Home Buyers Happy until Closing!

Dear Home Buyers,   I recently had to deal with a closing that never seemed to end. The closing date kept getting pushed back, week after week, to no fault of my Buyers. You can imagine their frustration after the closing was pushed back a third time, and my sadness when they considered leaving the […]

Helping your Client from Offer to Closing

Dear Home Buyers and Sellers, The role of a Realtor is to act as an agent to the buyer and/or seller. Our first priority should be to get the buyer into and/or the seller out of the desired property from the time that the offer is accepted to the time that the closing transaction is […]